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The Iowa Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is a dynamic organization serving practitioners, users, and providers of student financial aid programs serving individuals who seek postsecondary educations, while fostering and promoting sound statements of financial aid.

The information contained on the web site is here to help you as a financial aid professional and member of IASFAA. Parts of this site are maintained for IASFAA members only (as an entitlement of membership) and may only be accessed by password.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the web site, please feel free to contact the Electronic Services Committee or any current Executive Council member with your ideas.

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What makes IASFAA successful are the volunteer efforts of our colleagues who dedicate time and energy to provide programs and services to our members.

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Jennifer SchroederWelcome to the Iowa Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (IASFAA) website!

It is my pleasure to serve as IASFAA’s President for the 2019-20 year.  We have a diverse Executive Council that is ready to work for IASFAA and our members.  IASFAA is made up of members with a variety of talents who are dedicated to advocating for students, financial aid and access to higher education.

The Executive Council and I will be working hard to review the mission and purpose of IASFAA; to ensure that we are fulfilling the responsibilities of our roles in order to further the mission of IASFAA.  We look forward to ensuring that the committees, trainings and programming offered are relevant and meet the ever changing needs of our membership.

IASFAA has much more to offer that just conferences.  I invite our members to take advantage of the various trainings and opportunities that will be available throughout the next several months.  I would also encourage you to consider volunteering for IASFAA, whether that means serving on a committee, moderating a session or agreeing to chair a committee or run for elected office.  The outcomes from your volunteering experience will be immense and will last well into your future.  I would urge you to reach out to me or other Executive Council members if you have questions about what volunteering for IASFAA entails or looks like to us.  We are excited to share with our membership the opportunities we have through volunteering and the benefits we have noticed as a result of serving our association.

Our Program Committee is working hard to put on another great conference this fall at the Grand Harbor Resort in Dubuque October 28-30.  The Professional Development Committee is also working to provide additional training opportunities and development opportunities.  I hope you will be able to join us at the conference or one of our other training opportunities and I look forward to serving our association as your President.

Jennifer Schroeder
2019-2020 IASFAA President

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10.16.19 Final Conference Agenda posted
8.8.19 Conference Registration now open
Exhibitor Registration now open
7.19.19 Fall Conference Location announced
4.9.19 Conference Presentations posted
1.16.19 2018 IASFAA Fact Book now available
Pay By Credit Card - options now available
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