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   updated 1.16.19

Gisella BakerWelcome to the Iowa Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (IASFAA) Website!

I would like to personally thank you for your interest in our association and involvement at any level you might have already offered to us, or will in the near future. As our mission statement says, IASFAA is a dynamic organization serving practitioners, users and providers of student financial aid programs serving individuals who seek postsecondary educations, while fostering and promoting sounds statements of financial aid. We have a very eager group of individuals ready to listen to you and roll their sleeves to attain our yearly goals and uphold our associationís mission. We exist because of you, your interest and your volunteerism. Please consider helping us fill a void as we strive to meet your needs!

As we start a new year, and celebrate 50 years of existence (#IASFAATURNS50), we reflect on what our student financial aid world used to be, compared to now. It has been a long ride, but a good one for the advocacy of our students and citizens of our country. I invite you to attend our annual conference in Des Moines in April 2018 to help us go back in memory lane and recognize those that were, are and will be future leaders of our profession, that means you!

We are already experiencing another round of changes due to new political leaders in our country, and we are committed to help you get equipped to implement them the best way possible. Our commitment to Professional Development, training and communication has always been high, and this year is no different. Keep informed by reading our emails, Instagram posts, tweets and Facebook page!

For this year, I am honored and proud to be your elected IASFAA President, who along with the Executive Council, are excited to bring to you a new and improved Leadership Symposium, online and in-person opportunities to not just learn and discuss current trends and best practices, but also to network. IASFAA is a big family who is there for each other during the good, the bad and the ugly. You will not regret being part of us! We will help you build relationships and strengthen talents. You will receive much more than what you give in your professional and personal lives.

A well-constructed organization strives to provide excellent services to its members, and IASFAA is one of them. Please help us to strive for excellence in our commitment to higher education, students, parents, and legislators by advocating our role and providing feedback to them. Who else but all of us, who first-hand experience our studentsí challenges, frustrations and accomplishments. It is our goal to be their voice and at times, their fighter for a better post-secondary education. Letís not let them down!

A heartfelt thank you to you for trusting me to be your IASFAA President this year. I look forward to hearing your voice, receiving your feedback and accepting your involvement in this yearís endeavors.

Your humble servant,
Gisella Baker
2017-18 IASFAA President

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