Fabulous Freida Award

Frieda 2015

During the recent IASFAA Spring Conference, the Community Outreach Committee presented The Fabulous Freida Award to AIB College of Business.  This award is presented in recognition of a school’s fabulous efforts to educate their students about the financial aid process and the importance of completing the FAFSA, which typically occurs during Financial Aid Awareness month in February.

AIB did a wonderful job of providing their students numerous opportunities to learn about the financial aid process and to complete their FAFSA’s.  They held a “Trivia Chaos Event” which took a cue from the cell phone app “Trivia Crack” creating a colorful wheel with different trivia categories and a variety of questions for students to answer for a chance to win a grand prize (a large basket of groceries). Countless hours were spent creating and categorizing the questions so the game would operate smoothly. Two of the categories on the wheel included financial aid questions.  The “Trivia Chaos Event” was also an opportunity for AIB to promote their 4th ICAN Event with posters and other such advertising. In addition to all of this, they held a Financial Aid Open House to offer a chance for students to complete their FAFSAs and answer questions about the changes to financial aid.

Congratulations to AIB for receiving the Fabulous Freida Award for all of their efforts during the Financial Aid Awareness Month.  The Community Outreach Committee would also like to thank the other seven institutions that submitted entries for consideration for this award.  We had three judges rank the entries and each of them said it was extremely difficult to choose any one over another.

You all are doing such FABULOUS work to communicate this information to your students!  Thank you for all of your efforts, and we hope to receive even more entries for next year’s Fabulous Freida Award.  Just look how happy the staff at AIB is with having Freida in their office!

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  1. Congrats AIB! You guys ROCK!!! I am sure your students had a great time playing Trivia Chaos and learned at the same time! And, your open house was helpful, too, I am sure. Enjoy Freida!

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